Gear Up for Holiday Feasts with These Prez Candidates Snacking

Holiday Feasts Prez Candidates Stuffing Their Face Here’s What They’re Full Of

12/30/2019 12:50 AM PT

As all the holiday food comes your way over these next couple weeks, feast your eyes on what presidential candidates (past and present) chose to eat on the campaign trail.

Everyone enjoys themselves a corn dog, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Rick Perry. But, don’t forget about the turkey leg — a holiday classic — which is right up Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang’s alley. Can you tell? Looks like they couldn’t get a big enough bite.

Of course, pork chops was another favorite of candidates over the past few years. Folks like Kamala Harris, John Delaney and others made sure to get in some big bites when they could.

And, if you’re really interested in a walk down memory lane … take a gander at what past candidates like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and, of course, Barack Obama were into grubbing on back in the day.

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