Residents across CA report seeing bright light in sky from Sacramento to San Diego – KABC-TV

Residents across California were treated to an odd sight in the night sky Monday, prompting many of them to take to social media.

Reports surfaced on Twitter of a large bright light in the sky resembling a meteor, which was seen from places across the state including Sacramento, Lynwood and San Diego.

One person’s dashboard camera caught a glowing fireball shoot across the sky as he was driving through Oceanside.

The entire country may also be in store for such sightings, as back-to-back meteor showers are expected to peak Tuesday and Wednesday, according to AccuWeather.

The Draconid meteor shower will reach its climax Tuesday evening, giving stargazers several chances to spot the celestial event.

Usually considered a minor meteor shower, the Draconids can on occasion fill the sky with hundreds of fiery balls instead of the common 10 meteors per hour, said AccuWeather.

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