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Hair. As humans we love our hair….well I love my hair. It frames the face, give style to our outfits/outlook. It’s an expression of our personality. So, when you notice it is thinning it causes a bit of an alarm to say the least.

About 7 months ago I started to notice that my ponytail at the gym was getting smaller and the area around my temples looked like I was losing hair. I thought “am I going bald?” Not a comforting thought for a woman who likes her hair. Oh. No. This was not good.

After a month or so of watching it get worse and worse – I realized I needed to do some homework. I went to the doctor to make sure that I was ok – nothing showed up in my regular lab work. Rats. Back to the drawing board.

As I was looking for answers low and behold a friend of mine made a vulnerable share on FB with the same story as mine. She too had lost hair but found a product that supported her. Of course, I reached out and wanted to know more.

She shared with me that she used a specific shampoo that supports hair growth. I was like “um yah right…”. BUT as my hair got worse, I honestly thought – what do I have to lose but more hair? My diet is clean, I exercise, hydrate, etc but nothing was changing my hair loss. So fine. I bought the “magic” shampoo.

I didn’t see any results for a while. I did kind of felt stupid at first but then low and behold I started to see changes – like FOR REAL change with HAIR growing back. Well you can see from the picture itself – there was no hair (or very little) and now HAIR.

The shampoo is from a company called Monat (which stands for Modern Nature). It is gluten free and Vegan. I’ve been told many great things about this company and also bad one (so save your emails to “inform” me). I am writing about it because it worked, and I know my clients sometimes need things that bridge the gap while working on root causes.

If you are suffering from mild loss, loss due to Rx, low thyroid, or even post cancer treatment this might be the right product for you. I’ve seen before and after photo’s for all these situations that are jaw dropping.

Who this product is not for: people who expect overnight results. IF that is you – move on.

My picture is 6 months’ worth of shampooing. It takes time and your hair actually has to go through a detox period.

If you want to purchase this product you can click on this link and just buy it straight up. I’m happy to help you pick a system that would work best for you. There are a few to choose from:

Hair feels dry? Hydration System

Oily hair? Magnify System

No Volume? Volume System

Thinning hair? Classic Confidence

What did I use? – built my own system

Regularly: 3-4x a week

Renew Shampoo

Revitalize Conditioner

Blow out cream

Wait – this product is expensive. Yes, I know it’s more than conventional but there are ways to save.

The VIP plan – which is where I started (think Costco membership)

  • 15% discount on all products
    •Free shipping on all orders over $84
    •Free gift products from the “only for you” line come inside each flex-ship (the gifts are different each month but they are valued around $25)
    •Refer 3 friends to be a VIP and get your entire shipment FREE with the “3 and Thank You” program.
    •Get access to the flash sales which are usually 64% off or a BOGO deal
    •Convenience- all your hair care comes right to your doorstep for FREE!


Sign up cost: $19.99 (one time)

3 Flex shipments (you choose the timing) – defaults to every 30 days unless you change it

After 3 flex shipments you are still a VIP for a year.


Market Partner (maximize savings)


  • 30% discount on all products
  • Free shipping on all orders over $84
  • No flex-ship commitments or requirements (But, if you choose to join the flex-ship program you will receive free gift products from the “only for you” line that come inside each flex-ship. The gifts are different each month but they are valued around $25.)
  • No inventory to manage- your customers order direct from MONAT
  • Get access to the flash sales which are usually 64% off or a BOGO deal


To become a Market Partner, you’ll need to buy a Product Pack. There are four kit options ranging from $79 to $799. Three of the Product Packs are overflowing with a variety of products discounted at 40-53% off retail price as well as samples and literature to get your business started.

I hope you consider this if you are feeling your hair thinning. I hardly ever recommend products unless I’ve tried them myself and seen success. This one was a game changer or should I say – hair grower for me!

Interested in MORE BEFORE and AFTER pictures? Join the Monat Testimonies page to see for yourself.

Happy to answer any questions – email: [email protected]


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