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1 Which of the following nutrients has been shown to increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease when low, and is indicated for the treatment of infections, inflammation, sepsis, burns, allergies, whooping cough, vaccine reactions and more, using high doses?

  • Resveratrol
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamin C

    Diabetes and heart disease are two conditions associated with low vitamin C levels, and that respond favorably to vitamin C supplementation. Acute conditions for which high-dose vitamin C supplementation is indicated include infections and inflammation, sepsis and critical care, trauma, surgery and burns, allergies, whooping cough and vaccine reactions. Learn more.

  • Vitamin K2

2 When evaluating the effectiveness of vitamin D, the most important study parameter to consider is:

  • The dosage
  • The frequency of the dosing (daily/weekly/monthly dosing)
  • The type of vitamin D used
  • Achieved blood level of vitamin D

    The only way to ensure sufficiency and adherence to study protocol, and to properly evaluate the effectiveness of supplementation, is to measure and track participants’ vitamin D blood levels. Learn more.

3 Which of the following toxins were recently identified as having the greatest impact on life span?

  • Lead, mercury and PFOA

    Environmental exposures have a lot to do with biological or cellular aging, and according to a December 2019 study, lead, mercury and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) are the three toxins shown to have the greatest impact on your life span. Learn more.

  • BPA, oxybenzone and fluoride
  • Parabens, BHA and asbestos
  • Perchlorate, DECA and fluoride

4 Which of the following statements about sleep is a common belief that is false?

  • The shorter you sleep, the longer your life span
  • Every species studied to date sleeps

    According to the “Encyclopedia of Sleep,” many species reduce sleep for long periods of time and some do not sleep at all, at least not in the way sleep is conventionally defined. Learn more.

  • One-third of people in the developed world do not get the required eight hours of sleep
  • Routinely sleeping more than six or seven hours a night doubles your risk of cancer

5 What is a key dietary strategy to help optimize mitochondrial function in chronic fatigue patients?

  • A vegan diet
  • A vegetarian diet
  • Cyclical ketosis

    It stands to reason that a condition that triggers an inflammatory response and gut dysfunction, and that results in overwhelming fatigue, will respond favorably to treatment strategies that reduce inflammation, heal your gut microbiome and support mitochondrial function and energy synthesis. Diet-wise, a cyclical ketogenic diet would be a foundational strategy. Learn more.

  • Avoiding dairy products

6 What is the biggest obstacle to recycling in Russia?

  • Lack of recycling containers and centers
  • Most food and personal care products are packaged in plastic
  • Advertising promotes plastic-packaged products
  • All of the above

    Like other countries, Russia is awash in packaged food that creates waste, as well as ubiquitous advertising that exhorts people to crave and buy such foods. But unlike some other countries, Russia has few places to recycle the waste. Learn more.

7 Which of the following strategies should you implement first in order to lower your EMF exposure?

  • Turn off or unplug devices emitting high amounts of radiation

    When remediating, first turn off or unplug devices emitting high amounts of radiation. If that’s not possible, create as much distance between yourself and the device as possible. As a last resort, implement shielding strategies. Learn more.

  • Paint your house in EMF-shielding paint
  • Install a Faraday canopy over your bed
  • No action needed. EMF exposure is harmless



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