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Way back at the beginning of the year, I announced my intention for 2019 to be my year of COLOUR.

Turns out, it has been much, much more: I’ve decided to call it my year of GROWTH. (And growth may mean changing colour – if you are a plant, anyway!)

fpww semrush graph2019 My Year of Growth

Have a read through the following, and see if you agree …


Colour and Style: I’ve been having a lot of fun with my wardrobe since the colour and style workshops I did with Ann Whitaker earlier this year.

I discovered that autumn colours are the ones that really make me glow, rather than the pastels I’d traditionally worn.

And knowing my style personality is “natural” (think comfortable and practical) for everyday wear, and “romantic” (glamour and sparkle for special occasions), has really helped me when shopping for clothes.

home from campingNo makeup selfie – rocking the natural look!

I went up a size (yeah, growth again – but not the right sort this time!) over winter and had to buy some new gear. Like me, you might have noticed some cute casual short skirts in the shops and normally I would have bought one BUT now – while they may suit my figure and show off my legs, I didn’t. Why? Because as a “natural” style personality I know I would have found it too restrictive and would never have felt truly comfortable.

My new-found colour and style knowledge also proved invaluable when I went shopping for my mother of the bride dress.

Growing Older Gorgeously: Knowing my colours also helped me realise that the blonde streaks and foils I’d been clinging to since my 20’s actually weren’t doing me any favours anymore. So, I’ve ditched them in favour of a more natural light coppery brown.

I also changed something I didn’t like about my appearance, when I had dental bonding to add a new dazzle to my smile.

big smile - CopyNew smile but hair is still blonde …

Professionally: After shying away from it for several months, I finally decided to have the courage to call myself an “SEO Consultant” (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation). Although I’d been happy to call myself a copywriter, the bulk of my work these days is actually SEO and it is definitely something I have a real passion for.

Traditionally SEO is a male-dominated profession as it appeals to IT types … but there is also a LOT of copywriting in SEO, which is how I was drawn into it.

Because of my non-techy background, I flustered: Who was I to call myself an SEO Consultant like I was some sort of expert?! Imposter syndrome alert. Actually, who am I not?

badgeI ordered this badge in April … and already it’s out of date because now I am an SEO Consultant (hear me roar!)

I looked into what a consultant is and managed to tick all the boxes:

  • I give expert advice to others about SEO;
  • With seven years’ experience, a Diploma of Digital Marketing, and certification in Inbound Marketing (another name for SEO), and as the director and founder of my business, plus the fact I’m 50+, all mean that I am “senior” in my field;
  • I teach SEO to others;
  • Business owners hire me to provide expertise and support in an area where they need it;
  • I’ve written an e-book about SEO;
  • so yep, SEO consultant I am!

I fulfilled one of my goals to host an SEO workshop this year, and it went so well I held two more – and all three sold out.

leading workshopsLeading my third sold out workshop in November

On the back of their success and with encouragement from one of the attendees, I put together an EOI for a government tender to conduct a number of SEO workshops and webinars in 2020 for women in business. Regardless of whether I succeed in the tender process or not, I feel like a winner already after putting together the proposal and submitting my application!

Personally: I have been learning about DISC profiling (a type of personality profiling) and had my own profile done. I’ve done Myers-Briggs and other personality profiles in the past but I really feel that this one has been the most helpful.

It’s helped me realise that I see the world differently to the way that other personality types do, and I’ve also gained valuable insight into certain puzzling people in my life, from family members to clients, and how to communicate more clearly with them!

Business: It’s been a long slow road to get my business to this point – seven years to be exact. And I’m very proud of the fact that I have successfully created a job for myself, but I want more.

I want a business that is salable, scalable and sustainable – and I realised I could benefit from some help to fast-track my progress. So I’m now part of a business mastermind group led by a wonderful business coach, and although it’s been a considerable investment (in time and money) I’m already seeing profits.

Business Mastermind workshop - CopyEvery second Thursday I participate in a business mastermind group.

Part of that has been putting systems in place for growth. I’ve been mastering some new online systems and tools such as Quickbooks and RTMS to help me manage projects more efficiently, get all that stuff out of my head and into documents and processes, and to make it easier to add a couple of people to my team down the track.

Relationships: The husbear and I have reached a new stage in our relationship as empty-nesters, and I have been learning what it’s like to have a relationship with our son now he is a truly independent adult.

dinner at Redland Sporting Club 1The most important relationships in my life …

I continue to cherish my relationship with my grown daughter, and am now on the fast-track to becoming a mother-in-law!

What Comes After the Year of Growth?

The thing about growth is that it isn’t always comfortable. I have been stretched in all sorts of ways, learning a lot, trying new things, working hard. I have let go of some of the beliefs that were no longer serving me well, and embraced new ones. It’s all part of the process, and yes, there has been pain at times.

But one thing I’m good at is perseverance and I know that a little temporary pain (and a LOT of hard work!) is necessary if I want to reach my goals.

cheers head on sideCheers to my year of growth … moving me into a better place!

The fact that 2019 has been my year of growth, should give me some clues as I try to choose a “word” for 2020. Will it be my year to blossom, my year of success, or profit, or abundance, or ….?!

Did you have a word for the year – and how did it shape your life in 2019?


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