A Sentence A Day – November 2019 |

As the end of the year is fast approaching, I’m in two minds.

A Sentence A Day November 2019

Part of me is on a roll and is slightly annoyed by the break in momentum that will come with Christmas/New Year (the joys of having my own business as an SEO professional).

The other part of me is looking forward to a bit of a break!

You’ll see what I mean as you check out all that’s been happening in November 2019 …

1 November – It actually rained a little during my morning walk – nice! Afterwards I left my umbrella out on the cat patio so it could dry, Miss Fleur thought it was there just for her …

cat and umbrella

2 November – Finally got around to sorting out the chaos/dumping ground that is our walk in linen closet.

3 November – We have a ping pong table! The kidults came for dinner and ping pong fun.

ping pong

4 November – Had a meeting with a client first thing this morning, then met a friend for lunch.

5 November – Today’s excitement – not it’s not the Melbourne Cup – I’ve been invited to go on ABC Radio to be interviewed by the legendary Myf Warhurst about over 50’s bloggers!

6 November – At bedtime we turned on our air con and … nothing. My clever husbear worked out the outside and inside units weren’t talking to each other, climbed up the ladder, flicked a switch, and voila! We had air con again. Something must have triggered the safety switch.

7 November – An awesome morning of conducting an SEO Workshop at the Social Cut studio in Fortitude Valley. In the evening the husbear and I discovered a new program on SBS, “Shetland” murder mysteries set on the Shetland islands north of Scotland (mind you we had to put the subtitles on, the accents were quite difficult to understand!).

IMG_8629 - Copy (2)

8 November – Spent some time out of the office today at a local business expo.

9 November – The kids all came over and gave us a hand to finish up some drainage work in the back yard, and compressing the fill ready for turf.



10 November – With the turf laid, we now have a lovely level backyard!


11 November – I got to enjoy fifteen minutes of fame on the airwaves – you can read more in my post Adventures in Radio.

12 November – A visit to the specialist to get a needle for the macula oedema (swelling) in my right eye. Unfortunately I had a reaction to the antiseptic used in the procedure and was in a lot of pain afterwards, the only way I could get any relief was to lie with a cold wet washcloth over my eyes. It was horrible!


13 November – Thankfully the pain in my eye had settled down, it was a relief to be back at my desk working.

14 November – My first ever bath in the new house – we’ve only been living here for a year!


15 November – Husbear has a new working arrangement – he works longer hours Monday to Thursday, so in addition to having every second Friday as an RDO he also gets the alternate Friday off. This was his first Friday off on the new system!

16 November – I didn’t write anything down today, so here’s a photo of Fleur instead because she’s just so cute 😉 .


17 November – Went shopping for birthday presents for Miss Almost 23.

birthday presents for Julia

18 November – Business meeting at a local cafe. It was too hot for coffee so I had a refreshing cold drink instead – a watermelon, apple, berry and mint frappe.

watermelon frappe

19 November – The husbear thinks I’ve been doing a lot of gadding about recently, today I had two meetings at cafes – one at 10am, and one at 3pm. I can see why he’d think that, but I swear it’s all work-related!

20 November – Celebrated our beautiful daughter’s 23rd birthday with a family dinner at a Thai restaurant.

birthday girl

21 November – Wendy, one of the attendees at my last workshop, has encouraged me to apply for government funding to run SEO workshops for business owners next year – that’s what one of my meetings a couple of days ago was about. So today I started working on an Expression of Interest ready to submit before the closing date on 28 November.

22 November – Visited my sis on the other side of town and met her new pet Willow – such a sweet dog. In the evening the husbear and I veged out with a Christmas movie on Netflix, “The Knight Before Christmas”.

23 November – I *had* planned to work on my tender documents today BUT my computer froze while installing some updates. Instead I spent hours trying to fix it – eventually Miss 23 and her fiance came over to help, he works in IT and was able to fix it – we rewarded them with fish and chips for dinner and lots of ping pong!

24 November – Took a day trip up to Toowoomba, and visited Jondaryan Woolshed with the outlaws. I thought the drought was bad here on the coast but head two or three hours inland and you realise just how bone dry everything is out west.


25 November – Visited my tax agent to lodge my first quarterly BAS (I registered for GST in July) and for a lesson in how to use QuickBooks.

26 November – Another meeting with Wendy to go over my draft Expression of Interest.

27 November – The husbear and I have started a new experiment – eating our evening meal from a bread and butter plate rather than a large dinner plate. It’s our attempt to introduce some portion control to our eating habits, wonder if it will help us in the battle of the bulge?

28 November – On the back of the mastermind meeting I attended this morning, and to help me achieve one of my business goals, I’ve resolved to introduce weekly “lives” on my Front Page Web Writing Facebook page. And, I submitted the EOI at 10.45pm – 12 hours before applications close. Go me!

29 November – The husbear and I had a painter out to do a quote – looks like we will be the first job in 2020, kicking off in mid-January. It will make SUCH a difference and I can’t wait to get rid of the insipid pale pink.

paint colours

30 November – Poor old husbear might get every Friday off, but he had to work today (Saturday). But on the upside, it gave me a chance to put this blog post together and write the initial draft of a couple of others! After he got home we put up the Christmas tree though we’re waiting til the kids come over tomorrow to decorate it …

new Christmas tree

November has been quite a productive month now I look back on it, with a lot of projects moving ahead on the home and work front. Yet it will all wind down over the next few weeks as the silly season gets into full swing.

Can you believe that the next time I write “A Sentence A Day” it will be 2020?!

Was your November naughty or nice?!


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