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Christmas Eve traditions have always been special to me, but this year my Christmas Eve morning started out wet..with a leaking roof…

­As I lay in my bed trying to sleep in, knowing the excitement and a long day I had ahead of me, my dogs jumped up on my bed, soaked and if course shaking their cold wetness all over my freshly cleaned linens!

I thought they were begging for breakfast, but they were trying to get my attention, not only was it pouring outside but it was raining inside; my roof had a leak and when I saw the 20″ dripping “waterfall” in the middle of my living room, I knew that this year traditions might not go as planned!

I usually go to my cousins’ house earlier in the evening on Christmas eve and then later we have our own family time at our house. Unfortunately the insurance company we already closed for the holiday, so I had to find a service company that could help get the leak stopped until we could get the insurance adjuster out. Hours later our roof was tarped and it was just too late for me to make it to my cousins’ house!

The way our day and our evening went I wasn’t sure how the evening was going to go, but I was grateful that our leak had not caused more damaged and we all were safe!

My daughter is such a superstar; she was getting everything set up while I was trying to get the roof taken care of, that we were still able to have the family over later in the evening and truly had a good evening!

As the house filled with laughter and joy, the struggles we had earlier in the day seem to fade and I had a chance to reflect on the many blessing I have in my life!

My Grandchildren and their excitement for the impending visit from Santa. Their smiles and shrieks of joy during the evening reminded me of how wonderful it is not to have a care in the world!

My beautiful family and friends that showed up and didn’t even care that we had a leak, they were all amazing and so helpful, I am so blessed, sometimes when something bad happens, and things don’t go the way you are expecting, it always seems to work out.

As the evening went on my grandson even though they were getting tired the smiles just never stopped the cousins were so happy to be together, which made me think about my cousins and the time I missed with them!

Even the grown-up cousins who made the extra effort to come over when they found out we were at our house made everyone so happy…including my Nephew who my Grandsons think he is the Pokemon master…Wait I forgot he is!

My youngest Grandson was so happy with his Pokemon PJ’cs that when his cousin showed up, he had to put his traditional PJ’s on early!

As the evening came to the end, and the house was cold and damp. I had gone out to the living room and turn up the heat and look who I caught under the tree! It’s amazing that grandma gets to see Santa every year!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas day today and may the rest of your year be filled with joy and love to last through the New Year!

Merry Christmas, XO Holly


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