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It seems I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to colouring my hair.

hair dye

I’ve been lucky, and haven’t had to hide grey – and still don’t really have to. Sure, I have a few silver strands but the husbear assures me they are practically invisible whenever I mention them (or maybe he’s just being nice 😉 ).

Until recently, getting a few blonde foils was about as adventurous as I got.

Not like my daughter, who has rocked just about every colour of the rainbow in the last ten years. In fact it was a bit of a standing joke that whenever certain family members phoned, they would ask what colour her hair was that week!

Miss 23 has graciously allowed me to share some pics with you here, so you will see what I mean:

reddy brown hairThis seems to be Miss 23’s preferred colour, and I can see why!blonde endsRed with gold endsJulia looks like Snow WhiteIn this picture, I think she would make a great Snow White!lilacUnicorns, rainbows and lilac hair!red (3)Ravishing as a redheadMy gorgeous girl is blondeBlonde and all dolled up for a retro fashion shootpurple endsOmbre hair featuring purple endsredA very bright orangey-redJulia linked in photoI think she’s beautiful no matter what her hair looks like … yes even when she has bed hair 😉

I accidentally chose a much darker colour than usual last time, and while it was a bit of a shock at first, it’s growing on me (plus, it’s faded a bit!).

Which leaves me with a bit of a dilemma … what colour hair suits me best?

Here are some flashbacks of past colours (and styles) to help you choose:

1 – A couple of years ago, I thought there was no such thing as too much blonde. Now I think it looks a bit brassy …

new jeans

2 – And this is the difference a good hairdresser makes … I had my foils done professionally early last year, instead of using a streaking kit. Much better!

at the hairdresser

53760995_10216345353039431_6881357100836978688_n - Copy

3 – You might be forgiven for thinking I’ve intentionally gone for an ombre look below, but actually it’s just that my blonde foils have grown out 😉 . That’s my natural colour mostly except for the blonde tips, it’s quite mousy and dull which is why I like to colour it.

jeans 2

4 – Last year I dipped my toes into the world of hair dye with a caramel rinse … and was quite pleased with the results.

Janet Camilleri

5 – So I got brave, and went down the permanent path with this golden brown colour.

blue steel not - Copy


A few weeks later, and you can see some definite silver highlights at my temples!

Business Mastermind workshop - Copy

6 – And then there was my recent “mistake” – this shade is called copper caramel brown. It was quite a shock when I first dried it off!!!

newly dyed

It’s faded a lot already which I am quite thankful for as it was too much at first. Now it’s growing on me, though I’ve had mixed feedback from family and friends.

those new couch feels

copper caramel brown

Now you may be wondering why I getting so het up about my hair colour, when normally I’m a pretty easy-going person.

My hair colour anxiety stems from the fact that we have a very important event coming up – Miss 23’s wedding – in less than 100 days (yes, the countdown is on!), and I’d really like to look my best for the wedding photographs!

So over to you now dear reader, I would love to hear your thoughts on the best hair colour for me …

Special thanks to regular reader Beth for the idea for this post!


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