Merry Christmas To You and Your Family

This is my favorite time of the year, my faith and gratitude are always at an all-time high! I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes that always make this time of the year special and inspiring!

Sometimes we are so busy with shopping and trying to make so many people happy that are on our “Lists” that we forget to take some time to enjoy those moments of the sparkle in our children’s eyes as they walk through the mall and they see Santa for the first time, or the joy in our parents faces when they see their adult children for maybe the first time since last Christmas.

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The holidays are supposed to be a celebration and almost like a rebirth of our lives and the people and things that we are grateful for. A time to think through the year past. So I wanted to share with you some of the moments that I am truly grateful for and some inspiring and fun post that I have shared the last few weeks on social media to help others to think about the things in their life that they can celebrate the gift of love with their families!

Even though not everyone can be home for the holidays, I truly believe that Christmas can bring us home in our hearts and te love we have for those that we can not be with.

Taking some time to reflect during the holidays can bring joy and sometimes ever regret, it is normal to have different feelings this time of year, not everyone has the memories of family happiness and joy, be kind, take some time to help people in your life that struggle with the holidays.

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The reason for the season is for us, we are the reason for the season, not Jesus. Jesus came for you, for everyone that has ever been and for everyone who will ever be. God is loving and self-sufficient, He sent His Son for the redemption of all of creation, so that we may gain salvation and everlasting life if we choose to believe in Jesus Christ. When all was lost, Jesus was born to restore the broken relationship between God and us, he came so that we could find a way home. So as we go through this holiday please remember the reason, when we were lost our Heavenly Father gave us a gift of our savior to bring us back to him! So enjoy and celebrate!

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The holidays are a wonderful time to release our fears and embrace our lives with faith and love, and not let fear hold us back from reaching our goals, or as I say the “reason we are here”, let your faith help you to be the best you can be without having fear of what might happen!

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For those of us who have lost loved ones, the holidays can be so difficult, all the wonderful memories and the loss we feel in our hearts. I truly believe that when people pass on that they still are watching over us, and they celebrate when we celebrate, and they would never want us to stop celebrating because they are in Heaven, and celebrate every day!

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This is said so “perfectly”, so many of us try to have a perfect holiday, but this is impossible, the best way to look at the holidays is the moments that make it perfect. Having a special needs child living in our house we never know what the day may bring, but to see him smile when he sees that Santa finally came is a perfect moment for me! I hope that you can find perfect moments in your day!

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And finally… A time to smile and have some fun, there are so many faith-based reasons to be grateful during the holidays, but there is also a lot of fun things to smile about and enjoy, have a cup of hot cocoa or even spiced eggnog and watch some inspiring or funny Christmas movies and relax and enjoy…The New Year is just a few days away!

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