My Packing List for the Holidays

Packing for the Holidays

What are you doing for the holidays this year? I’m headed to Chicago to visit my boyfriend’s family (where the temperature will be… not warm) and then back east to spend time with mine. Activities include wearing matching pajamas and watching a lot of cheesy movies. Here’s what I’m bringing…

Packing for the Holidays

First things first, packing stresses me out. There are those people who can throw a bunch of stuff in a duffel in under an hour and easily make outfits for a week. I am not one of them. I make lists, lay everything out, and still worry that I’ve forgotten something. So, over the years, I’ve narrowed it down to the essentials.

When it comes to traveling to or from a cold climate, a packable puffer is your best friend. It’s there when you need it, then rolls down into nothing to squeeze into your bag or suitcase. (This one actually packs up into a travel pillow! Genius.) And a simple cardigan is a versatile piece, since it works equally well as a top or layered over a dress.

Packing for the Holidays

At home or away, I am all about a fleece pullover, for walks in the cold or watching a movie. Soft, teddy-bear-like textures are everywhere this season, and I am here for it. And because holidays can be stressful I’m training for a marathon, I always bring along black leggings and running shoes, for freezing cold invigorating morning runs.

Packing for the Holidays

No matter where I’m headed, my always-pack items are two pairs of trusty Levi’s, in blue and black, and a couple black T-shirts, for wearing alone or under sweaters. These items work with nearly everything else in my wardrobe, which takes the guesswork out of making outfits. (Anyone who knows me can attest I wear this combination almost every day.)

Packing for the Holidays

During the holidays, even a house party will often come with the directive of “festive” or “dress to impress.” So, whether I’m going to a soirée or just hanging out tree-side, I always throw in a sparkly item, just in case. A sequin topper — like this bomber jacket — is a fun statement piece over a casual outfit. (You can also make like a human disco ball and throw light all over the room.) To that end, I’ll also be bringing these pants, because why not.

Packing for the Holidays

My dog, Mia, finds packing even more anxiety provoking than I do. The mere sight of a suitcase sends her into a tizzy, as she thinks it signals that the people are leaving. So as a precaution, she usually packs herself. (And I always bring her, anyway. Along with one of these:)

What are you doing for the holidays? And what are you packing?

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