Slow Roasted Cod with Broccolini, Winter Squash, And Mint

As someone who really loves food, I could never get on board with a dietary plan that didn’t include the joy of sitting down to a great dinner each night. It’s truly something I look forward to all day. So when I’m creating the recipes for our annual #CSCleanse, I’m always thinking about how to infuse each recipe, and especially dinner, with layers of flavor from fresh herbs, spices, and citrus (all flavor-packed ingredients that also happen to be full of nutrients and feel-good minerals.) 1 of 2CS Cleanse, Slow Roasted Cod

This slow-roasted cod with broccolini, squash, and mint is one of my favorite #CSCleanse recipes to date. It feels downright elegant, yet comes together in minutes, bakes right in one pan, and is brimming with healthy, in-season ingredients that’ll make you feel so good after polishing it off. Just a few zesty flavor-enhancers (mint, lemon, and garlic) pack a major punch and make this feel restaurant-level. Work smarter, not harder, people.

2 of 2CS Cleanse, Slow Roasted Cod

You could make this with any firm white fish — I used cod, but halibut, grouper, or rockfish would work beautifully, too. Swap out the delicata squash for butternut, and feel free to use any citrus or fresh green herbs. It’s a formula that’s infinitely adaptable and very much worth repeating. Scroll on for the recipe.


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