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In the last couple of weeks I’ve learned a new term, grazing table. Have you heard of them before? The best way to describe one is that it’s like a giant charcuterie board, typically placed on a table.

For my son’s 16th birthday he told me that he wanted charcuterie for the food, so in my search for inspirational giant charcuterie spreads, I came across grazing tables. There are many beautiful photos to choose from and people who specialize in creating these too-pretty-to-eat masterpieces. Today I’m sharing with you a few tips to create a grazing table.

Tips to create a grazing table:

  1. Start with a good base. I used parchment paper because it is compostable.
  2. Add the largest items first. I knew I wanted the cake to be included, and that I needed a board for the cheeses.
  3. Medium sized items come next. The dipping bowls and jars of goodies went on next since they are the next largest items.
  4. Breads, meats, and cheeses should be spread out evenly. This way no one is gathered in one part of the table. I tried to have a few types of each and scattered them throughout the board.
  5. Fruits, nuts, and other smaller items come last. These items serve as decoration and I like to add these items last as the finishing touches to my spread. I added some greenery and edible flowers to finish the board.

I made his cake from scratch using my favorite Miss Jones Baking chocolate cake mix, Miss Jones Baking vanilla buttercream frosting w/ pink & blue food coloring added, a special baking mold, edible black color mist, edible silver pearl dust, edible glitter silver stars, and silver star sprinkles. I also used 16 (Ahhh!) twinkle thin black candles.

Do you like charcuterie? Have you made a grazing table before?

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