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We hear about vision boards, and we even think about our visions for our goals, vacations, life, health. business and even money, but do they work and how do you do one that will work for you?

Vision boards got started years ago with the action board in the corporate world to help reach the companies goals by year-end and in the 90’s wedding planners started using them to help see the vision of their clients- “The Brides dream wedding” they were called dream boards and helped to keep the planner and bride with staying focused and to keep a positive attitude. From there on dream boards “Vision Boards” are used by everyone for everything!

A vision board takes some time and thought about what you want to achieve for your vision, but they don’t work by themselves, once you make one it is used to keep you focused on what your vision is and positive reinforcement of your vision to keep you on track!

Vision Board Types

  • Goal-specific vision boards – I’ve made vision boards specifically for one goal Last year mine was Getting my first book finished and published or for one area of my life Self-Care-Health
  • Corkboard or bulletin board – Using pushpins to attach images and words to a bulletin board one of the easiest, also to change if your vision changes!
  • Inspiration wall – Pin or tape images and words to a wall in your house or office.
  • Small vision boards in planner– make or include small vision boards within/on your calendar or planner
  • Pinterest board – Is one of the newest ways to make a vision board, and you can make it private if you don’t want to share it with the world!
  • Create a basic structure for your vision board –Computer, poster board, corkboard or even a whiteboard.


Write goals and ideas for your vision board Only you know what your vision or goals that you have for yourself, sometimes this can be the most difficult part of a vision board to get focused on the vision that is most important to you!

Find images and words for the vision board I try to use my own personal photos that match my vision but magazines, clipboard, and even Facebook is a great place to find what you are looking for!

Sort and arrange the images and words You could do this as you go or after the cutting spree. I’ve done it both ways, the good thing about a vision board is to do what you feel is best for you!!

Create your vision board Now it’s time to narrow down both the images and words and the placement and editing so your vision is clear! Glue down your images; add your own words, sketches, stickers or even glitter! Remember you are inspiring yourself…use items that make you happy!!

Display, Look at, and Review Daily!

Just because you make a vision board does not mean it is going to work…You are the one who needs to put the work into making your dreams, visions, and goals come true! A vision board is there for a daily reminder of why you are working so hard to make them come true! FOCUS!!

I hope you take some time and to think about your visions and make a board to help you focus to make all your goals come true…Remember you can never fail a is always there! Good luck with your vision!

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