World Earth Day 2018: Follow these 5 easy steps to limit plastic usage

By Advait Kumar, Co-founder, Swajal What do parkesine, acrylic, nylon, and polyethylene have in common? They are all included in your grocery items without being explicitly mentioned, and even in the electronic gadget that you might currently be using – they are, after all, manifestations of plastic 

But this is hardly an eye-opener. 

From the straw in that cold frappe to the AC, fridge, television in the house, and possibly also in the clothes that you might be wearing, there’s a bit of plastic, almost everywhere. 

As much as it supports the ever-growing demands of humans and adds to our ease and convenience, these cost-effective consumer offerings are detrimental. Plastic contains residual chemical, chemical additives, and degradation products that can leach out as they’r .. 

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