Air pollution can cause baldness, first major study finds – The Telegraph

In the UK, this means roughly 7.4 million men are losing their hair.

Genetic factors remain the most influential known cause of baldness.

Sources of PM include the burning of fossil fuels, including petrol, diesel and other solid-fuels such as coal, oil and biomass as well as other industrial activities such as building, mining and the manufacturing of building materials like cement, ceramics and bricks.

“While it is difficult to escape ambient pollution, limiting time walking on busy streets, especially during rush hour, should help to reduce exposure,” said Mr Kwon.

“If you are exercising outdoors, try to do so in areas that are less polluted and do not spend too much time waiting at traffic hotspots such as traffic lights.”

Earlier this year a study published in the European Heart Journal showed that pollution is now killing nearly as many people as smoking in Britain.

The data suggested the toll is approaching 64,000 a year, compared to 78,000 deaths caused by tobacco.

The new study is being presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid.

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