Fur protestors are very much a real thing and the people who hit the streets to call out any given individual or celebrity for wearing fur simply do not play. Chrissy Teigen has previously been called a “fur hag” by the animal rights activists while Rick Ross has blown kisses to the protestors and now Lil Kim is the latest act to feel the wrath.

The “Crush On You” rapper was outside the Verizon Media Studios in New York when multiple anti-fur protestors bombarded her and her security team screaming “stop wearing fur!” At one point, Lil Kim pushed back telling the woman to “back up” multiple times before her security stepped in and diffused the situation. As Lil Kim made her way into the building and stopped to sign photos and pose for images, another protestor blasted a speaker with sounds of crying animals – watch the clip below.

In other Lil Kim news, Cardi B recently shouted her out when describing her inspiration behind an upcoming track. “I wanna do this remake, not of ‘Ladies Night,’ but it’s definitely like a Lil Kim song-inspired. I ain’t gon’ say it but I definitely got like… a couple of people in mind,” Cardi explained. “It’s an idea from a Lil Kim song that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I want to put like four female rappers and then I want to put one female rapper that’s not signed.”

We’re ready.