If you want to drink more water, get a water bottle with a handle

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By Chloe Bryan2020-01-02 19:00:00 UTC

“Drink more water” is a nice New Year’s resolution. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better. But if reaching constantly for your reusable water bottle — and it should be a reusable water bottle — isn’t already habit, you might want to buy a bottle that’s super easy to tote around. Like, literally tote. You should buy a water bottle with a handle or loop.

The big issue with drinking more water (for me, anyway) is remembering to do it. I like drinking water: It tastes like nothing, makes my mouth feel good, gives me the impression that my skin is in better condition than it actually is, and allows me to talk about hydration an amount that’s annoying to others and perfect to me. Unfortunately, I am also fundamentally lazy. In order to drink enough to experience these benefits, water must be immediately accessible to me at all times.

If I keep my water bottle in my backpack while I’m on the go (we are all, if nothing else, “on the go”), I will not unzip my backpack, remove the water bottle, re-zip my backpack, remove the cap of the water bottle, take a sip from the water bottle, screw the cap back on, unzip my backpack again, put the water bottle back in there, then re-zip the backpack a second time. It’s simply not worth it.

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But if I’m carrying my water like it’s a purse — just toting it around like it’s one of those little Jacquemus things — the water bottle becomes basically like an extra arm to me. If I am stopped at a crosswalk? It’s time to drink some water — I’m carrying it. If I am in a dusty shop (relatable) and get a little cough? The water is in my hand already, which means it’s easy to take a drink. If I am waiting at the dentist’s office? My water bottle is dangling from my pointer finger, which means that I’m going to drink from it of boredom alone. My body will reach the pinnacle of hydration in no time.

If this all sounds attractive to you, which it should, here are a few water bottle options:

  • A Hydro Flask

  • A Nalgene

  • This enormous, motivational monster

  • An option with a loop and a flip top (for one-handed opening)

You might be thinking, this is stupid. Just take the water bottle out of your backpack.

First of all, no, and please shut up. Secondly, there is truly so little we can control in this idiotic, awesome life that giving ourselves a little gift like “always having water right there” can be more reassuring that we might have guessed.

And it’s not like this indulgence is for frivolous ends, either: It’s all in the service of hydration.


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