Plant-based nuggets vs. the real thing – Video

All right, fake nuggets. I’m ready to do a taste test. [MUSIC] I’m a big fan of chicken nuggets. I mean, I ate them all the time as a kid. Was a big McDonald’s kid. Honestly, if the chicken nuggets don’t come with barbeque sauce, I don’t want it. I think the last time I had them was, they were dinosaur shaped nuggets. [LAUGH] I will eat them now if I’m in a guilty-feeling state. I can tell you right now, just sitting here looking at the three samples I already have an idea of which ones not the real nugget. [MUSIC] First of all, that’s McDonald’s. Yeah, McDonald’s. McDonald’s. The smells like McDonald’s. [MUSIC] That’s a McDonald’s nugget. [LAUGH] I don’t have to taste it, I just know the smell so well. These just look like, you know when you get Tyson chicken nuggets? Yeah, yeah. From a box, like- Yeah. From a frozen nugget. Yeah, frozen nuggets. I don’t know what color these are supposed to be, but this doesn’t look like a nugget color to me. These look completely different. I’m gonna go with those as far as the plant based. These look plant based. Look plant based. [MUSIC] Should we try them both at the same- Okay. [BLANK_AUDIO] That’s definitely McDonald’s. Hello, McDonald’s. It just takes like McDonald’s, and I haven’t had it in ages. [MUSIC] This is the kinda thing I’d serve at home. [MUSIC] It’s very salty. [UNKNOWN] This tastes like school lunch. Yeah. I think I like this one better, even though [LAUGH] it doesn’t look like real me. That’s chicken. That’s like a lot of chicken. You know when you can taste something and it’s really like Chickeny? [LAUGH] Yeah. That’s super chickeny. It’s like a cup of chicken soup chicken. Like it really tastes like chicken and it sometimes is not good. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] All right. Let me Do the moment of truth though. [MUSIC] Okay. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] This one feels really [LAUGH] I can’t even dip it into the source man I need to get the full effect. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] I think it tastes like fish. No. Something funny going on here. They got a good [UNKNOWN] about them and they’re fluffy and they’re white. I don’t know what this is. [INAUDIBLE] Nasty. I think they need a dip in something. The taste is a little weak. That’s hot. [LAUGH] That’s hot. I think feeling it in your hand it feels a little rubbery and it tastes a little the texture in your mouth is a little rubbery. This texture is perfect. This is like Weirdly perfect Mine’s falling Park It’s the spongy chicken nuggety consistency, but it’s not chicken I’m going just window as far as like the plant base It do taste like clay Yeah, I think this is definitely the plant based It’s kind of growing on me, It’s better when the more I eat of it. [LAUGH] I’m gonna have another bite. [LAUGH] I thought I’d be disappointed but a plan B is not good. No I could totally have these. The first bite was definitely not nice, it wasvnot good. The more I have it, the better I feel about it. Baby stick to what they know. Like don’t come out here with new chicken nuggets. I think the ultimate test would be with a toddler. toddlers love chicken nuggets. How would this fare with them? That’s that’s the ultimate test. [MUSIC] All right, what’s in this thing? Season plant protein portion, vegan fibers, water, pea protein isolate, canola oil, sodium alginate [UNKNOWN] Fiber calcium chloride, bamboo fiber, dried egg white solid seasoning, salt, mulk to extreme from corn Natural flavor, yeast, extract citrus, citric acid, onion, powdered [UNKNOWN], [UNKNOWN], water, salt, lemonade, sodium acid, pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, spices. Natural flavor, breading set in vegetable oil including soy bean oil, contains egg, wheat, may contain milk.


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